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We are a US based mobile app development company that has US and offshore app developers to save you money when creating your mobile apps. Below are some technologies and effects that we can design into the mobile apps we create for your business, product or service. We create your mobile apps with a development tools that enable us to take advantage of all the Native functionality in both Android and iOS mobile apps. So we can design any of the technologies or effect ideas below into your new mobile apps.

Technologies for your app

GPS Location
The phones location can be read one time or read continuously to know exactly where your customer is. This feature can be used for locating your closest store to them or helping them find something nearby.

This is an advanced feature of GPS location that creates boundary regions which can trigger your app to respond when someone enters or leaves a geofence. Let's say you set up geofences around your competitor's locations and when your customer enters these geofenced regions you trigger a special offer for your closest location (like Save 10% in next hour).

Beacons are low cost, low power Bluetooth devices used for indoor location detection. They can be used to locate someone within their short distance range and can then trigger a response. They can be used to guide someone through your store or to notify them of special offers on products near by. Your app can detect beacons in a competitors business and offer your product at a better price. If you would like to have a feature like this designed into your app please contact us and we can customize your new Android and iOS apps.

The Magnetometer in mobile phones uses the earth's magnetic field to detect the direction the phone is pointing in. When used with GPS or Beacons you can guild a user in the right direction. Knowing two phones locations and directions you know if they are pointing at each other.

Mobile phones can detect fast motion (change in speed), such as shaking. This sensor can be used to detected the acceleration of a vehicle. We can utilize this feature in your app to activate some feature or as part of a game.

Many devices within close proximity can be connected together via Bluetooth which is a wireless communication transmitter/receiver. Although Bluetooth is commonly used to connect your phone to a speaker, headset or your car, it can connect to anything imaginable that supports Bluetooth communication. For example the Tesla app can unlock your car with your phone.

Streaming Video / Audio
Video and Audio files can be part of your app, can be stored in the phone and accessed by your app, or can be streamed or downloaded from a remote server on the internet. In addition, the phone's camera and microphone can be used to record images, video and audio and store it on the phone or to a remote server. Accessing a remote server can be designed into your mobile app using the development tools we use to create a Native Android and iOS app at the same time.

Detecting Mobile Apps
Your mobile app can see what other mobile apps are installed on the phone of tablet. Although iPhones are more restrictive they also can query to see if specific apps are installed. This can give you great insight into what your customer's like and better ways to reach new customers and to market to them.

Push Notifications
When you have an app installed on a phone you can send push notifications to that phone. Push notifications enable you to send urgent information to your business customers. One use for push notifications are cart abandonment. You can let a customer know that a product they have looked at is now on sale, or notify them of new products or services you now offer.

Social Media
Your app can incorporate a share this link that enables your user to share your content on every social media platform they use or they can send it by text message or email. You can also use major social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+ as an authentication source for login and gain instant information about your users such as their email address, birth date and who their friends are. You can also fully integrate with their social media and access their posts and post to their pages for them. You can build an app that automates daily tasks they may be doing every day.

Phone and Contacts
Your mobile app can access and make calls on the users device. It can also get notifications about inbound calls and can access their phone contacts and know who is calling them. We can design these features into your new mobile app.

Effects for your mobile app

The mobile app development platform we use enables us to use the native functionality in both Android and iOS mobile apps. They include animation libraries that can detect gestures (swiping, touching the screen, multiple finger touches) and animate the screen or take a specific action.

If you ever used the dating app Tinder, we can easily design and add the swiping effect you see into your app. We can add an effect where when you swipe right and a menu of options pulls out from the left side, or if you swipe right more information is displayed on the the product you are looking at on the screen. Or swiping left or right can show more photos. Another effect is touching the right or left side of a product photo will show the next or previous image of the product.

The animation effect are only limited by the imagination and we would be glad to discus design amazing effects into your new Android and iOS mobile apps.

Why Have Us Design Your Mobile App?
We have a team of IOS and Android mobile app developers who understand all of the technology to support your existing apps and create new ones for your business. We can create a New Android and iOS app for your business for a lower cost than other mobile app design companies.

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